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Leisure-Time Marathon

I love Saturdays just as much as the next person, and this week was especially delicious, both literally and figuratively speaking. We packed so many activities into today that I feel like the weekend should be over already. And it’s not. So I’m winning.

It all started with a 7 a.m. workout at our apartment complex gym. I did the elliptical for 30 minutes while Dave ran and lifted weights.

This made us pretty hungry, so we had sweet potato pancakes for breakfast.


3 eggs and one mashed sweet potato – bam. The trick is to use plenty of coconut oil for frying and keeping them small-ish to make them easy to flip.


I topped mine with almond butter and maple syrup. The flavors of this mixed with coffee flavor put me in heaven. We went over German dialogues while eating.

The next stop was Cafe Lemont for some lattes (regular for Dave, almond for me).


Dave studied German vocab and I worked on a freelancing project. Coffee shops and Saturdays are a dream combo, if you ask me. Especially if they have non-dairy, non-soy latte options.

Around noon, we left to go grocery shopping. On our way to Trader Joe’s, we realized we were both starving, so I introduced Dave to this all-you-can eat Asian buffet. I had been there before and wanted him to experience the insanely large variety of food.


It was $10 per person for the lunch buffet, which included an appetizer bar, a Chinese buffet, a salad bar, a huge selection of sushi, and a ton of desert options. They also have a Mongolian-Grill style setup, but I stuck to pretty much appetizers and sushi.



Afterwards, we went to Trader Joe’s before returning home for some reading and TV time. I think every weekend needs several hours of couch-time. It was hard not to take a nap, that’s for sure.

Around 6 p.m., we decided to play tennis on our apartment complex courts. It was much colder than it has been today and pretty windy as well, but we wanted to give it a try.


I had to wear a headband and a jacket, but once I warmed up, I could take those off. We played for about an hour and the score at the end was 15:1 for Dave. I really suck at tennis, but really enjoy it at the same time. I have great ambitions for beating Dave one day. Maybe this “season” will bring more success than last summer.

Back in the apartment, I made dinner and we watched The Mindy Project. Have you guys seen it? It’s hilarious and so current. It’s one of the few shows Dave and I enjoy equally.


Dinner was spinach salad with avocados, toasted cashews, goat cheese, and dried cranberries, The dressing had balsamic vinegar, sunflower seeds, sugar, cayenne pepper, and poppy seeds in it. Desert was chocolate coconut ice cream, naturally, though no pictures were taken.

Not too shabby for a Saturday in State College, if I do say so myself. Getting up early is my new favorite thing.


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2-Minute Lunch Prep

I’m still too busy to spend much time on food prep, and I’m trying really hard to get away from my “6 hours is enough sleep” mentality.

So tonight, my lunch prep was all about my two favorite Trader Joe’s emergency supplies.


The lentil soup is deliciously vegan and very filling. I sometimes eat only half and save the rest for another day.


The lobster sushi comes with a fantastic lemon soy sauce instead of the standard soy, ginger, wasabi trio.


I put those in my lunch box along with a coconut milk yogurt, a banana, and some sesame honey almonds, and that was that. I am staying at work late again tomorrow for a freelancing meeting, so the sushi will be dinner.

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5 am Madness

Okay, I think my half marathon training is turning me into a crazy person slowly but surely. Usually, no matter how naively I announce that I’ll get up in the morning to run or do any other thing beyond shower, have breakfast, and stumble out the door, I fail. My alarm rings at some ungodly hour, I have a brief negotiation with myself (brain: “get up, you said you’d go run.” Subconscious: ” F off, you’re crazy.” Brain: “Ok, good night.”), and I snooze until the very last possible minute (or often also until an impossible minute).

Today, none of that happened. My alarm rang at 4:30 a.m. Yes. Half past four. I sat up in bed, checked my email (my usual dysfunctional wake-up ritual), washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed into running clothes, and headed out the door straight to the work-out room and the treadmill…. where I then spent the next hour running five miles on an empty stomach, which was much harder than running at night after a full day of hydrating and calorie-infusions.

Make of this what you will. Maybe you think, “What’s the big deal, I do that all the time.” In which case, please tell me it gets easier.

All I can make of it is: I’ve lost my mind.

I was sleepy all day, but also weirded out by myself and a little proud at the same time.

After work, I went to girl’s night at an amazing one-stop-shop Asian buffet.


I swear, they had everything. From soup to salad to habachi to meat and poatoes to every imaginable sushi roll on the planet.


Mango rolls. So delicious. I had to skip desert only because I was too full. I should have planned better for this event!


After dinner, my friend and I met Dave and her husband at our neighborhood bar. I had cabernet.

When we got home around 9:45 p.m., I was ready to pass out. I wonder when I’ll be crazy enough to run at 5 in the morning next. Definitely not in the foreseeable future.


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Full Day of Food and Running Recap

Today was different than most days because I didn’t do as much snacking as usual. On weekdays, when I’m at work, I have a snack about every two hours. Today, I had three actual meals and only one snack, so I used it as a chance to document everything I ate.


For breakfast, I decided on blue cheese and spinach omelettes, which also gave me a chance to use a tomato that was on the brink of death and some of the mushrooms in my fridge.


Here is the creation before I folded it. This one was Dave’s, so it has a generous amount of blue cheese. I have a hard time with feta and blue cheese if the flavor is too strong, so I put about half this amount on mine.


Naturally, I fried the omelettes in coconut oil. This is the refined kind, which was an accident-buy, but I’ll soon have to do a post on organic extra virgin coconut oil and the obsession I’ve developed with it.


Complete breakfast: omelette, English muffing with strawberry jam, water, and coffee.

This was supposed to be my perfectly timed-out meal before my 8-mile run. I had it at 10:30 a.m. and was planning to run at 4 p.m. I read in Runner’s World that you’re supposed to eat a meal about 4 hours before a run/race and then a small snack about an hour and a half before the run. I am an absolute hopeless case when it comes to math (read: logical thinking) , so I didn’t notice that I was having the meal 5.5 hours before the run instead of 4. In my head, it was right because I has having the meal 4 hours before the snack.

My snack, which I indeed had at 2:30 as planned, consisted of sushi leftovers and a banana.


Now that I look back, I realize that sushi really may not be the ideal choice here, especially because it was leftover sushi from last night, so there was a reasonable chance that it might not make my stomach feel all that great.

Sure enough, about 20 minutes after eating it, I started feeling a bit queasy. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say my lunch was looking to make a quick exit. I was nervous about running now because I knew I couldn’t have gotten much energy or nutrients out of the snack, but I decided to hope for the best.

So, I set out, ready to enjoy slightly warmer temperatures (39 degrees) and my brand-new Spotify playlist. But my digestive system was not ready to enjoy much of anything. It became clear quickly that I would have to stop to go to the bathroom at the first chance I got. 3 miles into the run, there was a grocery store, so I used their customer restroom. It helped, but now I suddenly felt weak and without energy. I had lost a lot of water and my last actual meal was now 7 hours ago. I wished I had brought money to get some Gatorade, but alas, I only had my phone.

I decided to keep going to see how I would feel, but I realized fast that my energy was gone. Part of me wanted to push through and finish the run, and the other part wanted to stop and delay it until I actually had some food in me. Maybe it’s because I did yoga this morning that I was able to remove myself from the obsessive urge to finish the 8 miles, no matter what. If there is one thing I’m trying to avoid in my food and exercise behavior, it’s becoming obsessed and turning healthy habits into destructive mind games. So I think I made the right choice to call Dave and ask him to pick me up, which he gladly did.

When he got there a few minutes later, we decided to have dinner at Wegman’s, which is the grocery store in State College that comes closet to Whole Foods. They have a great selection of plant-based prepared foods, and I could go there in my running clothes.

I quickly felt my energy coming back once I started eating this delicious meal.


Thai meatless meatballs in red curry, brussel sprouts, a gorgonzola/apple/squash gratin, and butternut squash and carrots.


And at least as important, a true German Hefeweizen because why not?

We then went through the grocery store to pick up a few things, to Target, and to Dick’s Sporting Goods. At Dick’s, I bought about 15 Gu energy gel packages. From now on, I’ll have one or two on me on every long run I do. It could have saved the day.

Back home, we played Boggle (which I forced us to buy at Target) and watched Flipping Vegas. The one downside about having to abort the run is that I now have to get up at 7 tomorrow to try again.

Oh, and here is an awesome desert, which we had while playing Boggle.


It’s Greek yogurt, pureed mango, and honey ice cream. I made it about two weeks ago from 1 large container of Greek yogurt, 1 Trader Joe’s bag of frozen mango, and 1/4 cup of honey. It stayed delicious in the freezer – the honey is a really nice addition. Better than Saturday night Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip & cookie dough ice cream, which Dave and I used to have regularly in our early days of dating.

This leaves me with one question: If you run, when and what do you usually eat before longer runs? What do you eat the nights before you run, if you run before breakfast? And if you do yoga, does it help you make less obsessive choices about your diet and exercise, too? Okay, that was more than one question!


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Healthy-ish Dinner Out

It’s difficult to make healthy choices when looking at a menu full of tempting options, ranging from pizza to burgers. My favorite way not to fall victim to those temptations is going to a Japanese restaurant. Pretty much everything on the menu is healthy.

So that’s what we did tonight. Of course, we still found ways to sneak in semi-unhealthy choices, but it’s the night before my long run, so carbs are helpful.


House Salad.


Otto’s Apricot Wheat, a local State College brew. I had two, and they so hit the spot.


Scallion pancakes. So amazingly tasty.


Seafood soup. It had tons of crab in it and had just the right thickness and flavor. I’m a fan.


And finally, the sushi combo: tuna, California, and scallion rolls. As you can imagine, I was quite full at this point, so I took about half of this deliciousness home.

After dinner with Dave (which was at Fuji & Jade Garden in State College), I got together with my friend for a late-night drink. We went to Gigi’s, a random upscale restaurant and bar in my neighborhood. She had a mojito and I had a candy apple martini.


It was one of those drinks that tastes really, really good at first and then quickly overwhelms you with its sweetness. Meh.

Overall, a pretty successful Friday night. My tummy is satisfied and my taste-buds pleased. No regretful post-binging bloatedness.

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Happy Snacking

Valentine’s Day came and went, and many snacks were consumed in the process! At work, I get hungry about every two hours. I know that’s frequent, but I don’t really care. My snacks are healthy and I am usually good at keeping them small.

Here are just a few of my work snack staples, with some chronicling of my day in between.


10 a.m. – Trader Joe’s Vanilla Cultured Coconut Milk. Super delicious and very easy on the stomach.


My lunch run. The picture is weird like this because I took it while running. I went three miles, and it was pretty great.


Post-run coconut water. I also had my leftover sushi from yesterday.


Me after my run in my cube. I never shower after lunch workouts, nor does anyone else I work out with. We dress really casually at work, so I just towel off and put on a long-sleeve or loose shirt and I’m set.


3 p.m. called for some organic baby carrots. So crunchy!


Aaaand to follow up the carrots, some sesame honey cashews. These are from Trader Joe’s and amazingly delicious. I always have to watch my portions because I’m pretty sure I could eat an entire bag in one sitting.

On Thursdays, I always have girls night with four girls from Dave’s program. We wanted to avoid the Valentine’s Day rush in restaurants, so we had it at my place this time. Dave had class until 9 p.m., so it worked out well.


Here are the five of us after dinner, which was feta and cranberry salad, breaded salmon, and couscous. There were also many other goodies to snack on to stick with the theme of the day (or most days at work, for that matter).

Happy V-Day! Dave came home with some sweet flowers, but I am too lazy to walk to the living room and take a picture of them. I’m already in bed. This was a great Valentine’s Day over all, almost as great as in 2009, when me and two friends at college watched 10 hours of Dawson’s Creek straight.


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No lunch workout today. Instead, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the Valentine’s Day dinner I’m having with friends at my place tomorrow night.

Here is a shot of the spice isle – I picked up some cumin.


My afternoon was spent proofing and editing our new spring products to make sure everything is ready for their web launch tomorrow. It was a lot of entering and waiting for the update to go through.

Around 3:30 p.m., I passed the time with some Valentine’s Day goodies (yes, I did paint my nails that color at my desk while nobody was looking).


I had to stay at work about 45 minutes late, so I wanted to hurry home to make it in time for our 7 p.m. dinner with Dave’s adviser and his wife. I did make it, but just barely. The driving conditions were really bad – tons of wet snow coming down and the roads were super slippery. Definitely not fun. I am glad we have a Jeep to get me home on days like today.

Dinner at Fuji & Jade Garden was delightful. I had miso soup, hot tea, and a three-roll sushi combo (tuna roll, salmon roll, and California roll). I adore sushi and wish I could just eat it every day… Oh, and we also had onion pancakes as appetizers.

Here are my leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


I really need to go for a lunch-time run tomorrow. It’s supposed to be 46 degrees and sunny, so no excuses!

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