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Vegan Steak Dinner

Dave made dinner tonight while I went for a six-mile run in glorious 78 degree weather. I decided I needed one more before the half marathon on Saturday. I went slow and enjoyed being in shorts and just a shirt for the first time.

When I got back, Dave had the stuffed portobello mushrooms all done. He decided he wants to make one or two of our dinners a week because he loves cooking and I’ve kind of completely overtaken that 🙂

He made an amazing meal, so i think I’ll let him have the job!


The mushrooms were stuffed with a mix of cooked rice, veggie broth, lentils, toasted cashews, fresh thyme, dried basil, and olive oil.


Doesn’t it look like steak? I hope all the protein will help my muscles and joints recover, so they are all fresh on Saturday.

After two of these and a glass of wine (an some icing and stretching), I passed out on the floor watching Teen Mom. Classy as ever.


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More Takeout

I had such a busy weekend to begin with, so the being robbed of one hour last night didn’t help. I felt like I was running against the clock the entire day.

This morning, we had the smoked salmon bagels and omelette combo again. Once we had fueled up on food and caffeine, we did some serious spring cleaning. I took apart the entire kitchen, deep cleaning the tops and insides of the stove top, the fridge, the counter tops, and the floor. Dave was busy with the bathrooms, dusting of all surfaces, and vacuuming. We also did multiple loads of laundry.

This helped me digest breakfast, so around 2 p.m., I was ready for my run. I decided to give myself a break from long-runs this week after doing 10 miles last weekend. Instead, I ran four miles at a faster pace. It was so nice but also unfamiliar to run in 60-degree spring weather. Definitely something my lungs will have to get used to. Overall, I’m not too satisfied with how the run went. I have to do a better job at hydrating the night before and my shins were really sore, so more stretching and icing is in order. My resolution now is to do yoga every morning before work this week and going for two runs this week after work. The time change will help with that because it’s going to be light out past 7 p.m. now.

Truthfully, I’m looking forward to the half marathon being over so I can focus on running shorter distances faster. I always hated running fast, but I think I’m getting to a point were I am up for the challenge.

After my run, we skyped with my high-school friend and her fiance in Germany and hit two grocery stores.

I picked up more takeout from the Wegman’s hot bar – this time completely vegan – yay for progress.


Brussel sprouts, carrots, Chinese vegetables (Dave ended up eating them because they didn’t go well with the other flavors), roasted squash (so insanely good. It melted in my mouth like chocolate), Indian potato and cauliflower curry mix, and Thai vegetarian meatballs in red curry.

Then three of my friends came over to watch Soul Kitchen, a German film by my favorite Turkish director Fatih Akin. We watched it with English subtitles on Netflix and I learned a new word: grub, as in “Pub & Grub.” I love when that happens.

We snacked on vegetable chips, peanut butter cups, and black berries. I also had two glasses of wine.

Now quickly to bed before the time change screws me for the entire work week.

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