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Treadmill Triumph + Vegan Orzo Pasta

So, apparently it’s January again here in Central PA. When we went to the UUs this morning, I realized quickly that after yesterday’s blizzard-like snowfall, all the sidewalks were covered in snow and the roads were icy. My 11 mile run that was on the calendar was in danger.

The thought of doing a run of that length on the treadmill seemed insane, especially since I haven’t been training on the treadmill at all. I texted my best friend, an avid runner and constant cheerleader for my fitness goals, to see what she thought.


Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of encouragement like that. I decided to give the treadmill a shot.

But now that running outside was out, I figured I might as well procrastinate, make dinner, and get some chores done around the house.

I made orzo pasta with chickpeas, broccoli, and toasted pine nuts. Find the recipe here.


Trying the “mis en place” approach.


Orzo. Should have cooked it with olive oil. There is always next time.


Chickpeas and broccoli coated in olive oil and seasoned with curry powder, pepper, and garlic salt. Ready for 30 minutes in the oven.


Toasting pine nuts. These added an awesome flavor.


Voila. Dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow. Really delicious.

On to the run. I helped myself mentally digest it by splitting it up. 6 miles, 3 miles, 2 miles. During the interruptions, I drank water and stretched a little bit.

The treadmill was actually not half bad. I think it was easier on my knees than the pavement. But don’t get me wrong, my legs still hurt like hell 🙂

It was both motivating and agonizing to be able to watch the mileage climb. I would say miles 1-5 were pretty awesome. Mile 6 was hard because I had to go to the bathroom.

Miles 6-9 were okay, but my legs started locking up. I tried the trick of putting my sweatshirt over the mile counter, but that didn’t help at all. It just made me more antsy to know how far I was.

Mile 10 was okay. Mile 11 was awesome. At that point, I knew I was going to make it, which felt so good. I even bumped up my speed and finished in a sprint. When I was done, I screamed YES like an idiot at our apartment complex gym. Noone was there, but still.

Like my friend said, my playlist was what carried me through. I guess that’s the case with any run though.

I may have to wake up early tomorrow to do yoga. Icing and stretching tonight might not cut it. But I feel so accomplished, and happy to know the treadmill is an option for training runs.


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