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Carrot an Apple Juice

I started my 4th of July with an interval run and some carrot and apple juice. Maybe that will break my current phase of wanting to eat everything in sight (yesterday was anothet disastrous snacking at the office day).


I bought a juicer about 2 weeks ago after wanting one for a long time. My dad always made carrot and apple juice for our weekend breakfasts, and I’m going to continue that tradition with my own family. I will be just as insistant as he was that my kids should drink it right away to get all the nutrients and annoy them with talk about how good carrots are for your eyes.

One secret tip he taught me: add a little bit of olive oil to your glass for extra energy and to bind the nutrients!


I used a medium-sized bag of organic carrots and two small, organic apples.

Happy fourth!


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