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Quick Weeknight Dinner

Stuffed vegan peppers were one of my prepped meals this week. Well, actually, they made for several prepped meals, both for lunch and dinner.


They keep well in a tupperware container im the fridge and are delicious hot or cold. The quinoa and black beans are a powerful protein combo that fills me up, and the cilantro and spices make for a satisfying to-go meal. Perfect for a busy lifestyle.

You can get creative with stuffed peppers and pretty much load them with whatever you want/have on hand.

My meal prep marathon on Sunday has seriously made my week so much easier. There is so much going on at work that I’m just beat when I get home. Tonight, I plan to refresh myself with an easy run around the neighborhood, eat a quick, prepped, nutritious dinner, and curl up on the couch with a book. Happy Hump Day!


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Vegan Stuffed Peppers

This is a winner-dish all around. Unlike many vegan dinners, it filled me up and also did exceptionally well as a left-over lunch.



Nom, nom, nom. Here is the recipe. The stuffing is quinoa and black bean based. It also contains some healthy spinach and tomatoes, as well as great herbs and spices. I added some Daiya Cheeze on top, which was not part of the recipe, but I would highly recommend it. 

It doesn’t get healthier and more satisfying than this. A wonderful addition to any weekly menu and they keep well in the fridge for left-overs.

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