Ag Progress Days

Dave had a demanding day today, working on a project for his professor with a very short turn-around. So when I picked him up on my way home from work, we decided to go on a 3-mile hike to get his mind to relax.

On our way through Pine Grove Mills, traffic was backed way up due to traffic inbound from the fairgrounds. We entered the left turn lane, waiting to turn across traffic to go over the hill, but the cop directing traffic was signaling to the middle lane, so we went there only to discover he wasn’t really pointing to us. We were more or less committed to that lane at that point, so we just went on ahead to check out the source of the traffic, which as it turned out was the Penn State “Progress Days” agricultural festival – a long-standing State College end-of-summer event hosted by the ag school and about every farm equipment manufacturer under the sun.

Traffic went on for an insane amount of road, and we wondered if every single person in the state was just now returning from the fairgrounds. Eventually, we arrived at the site and parked. We walked around, enjoyed the view of the green central PA hills, had some vegetarian stir-fry from the Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association booth, looked at historic farm equipment, some corn, silos, and tractors, and then finished off our tour with some ice cream from the Penn State Creamery booth.


Dave had the bittersweet mint flavor and I went with “Peachy Paterno.” Maybe you will find that name as disturbing as I did when I first learned of it (if you’re familiar with the whole Penn State football scandal), but I’m used to it now. Also, I recently learned that the university has been donating the net revenue from the flavor’s sales to a Child Abuse charity. So that’s good, I guess.

Great night in central PA!

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