The fermenting period is finally over and I have a large supply of Kombucha that tastes exactly like the store-bought stuff! And the best part – it was completely free. All I needed were ten tea bags (which I had at home) and some sugar. In the store, a bottle is $3.99 I think, so you can see my excitement here.

I inherited a culture from a friend, who ordered the original one online. I was super intimidated by the long recipe (two densely filled pages) and read the instructions about 20 times while also researching tips online. Today was such a proud moment for me because all the effort and waiting paid off. I almost gave up because I felt like I had no idea what I was doing, which makes the perfect result especially gratifying.

Now I even have some left-over cultures! I’m not sure how many people in State College are interested in home-brewing this über-healthy drink, but I would be happy to share. Per someone’s recommendation, I put one of the cultures (the one that dried out a bit due to swimming on top of the tea) into a pot with plants. Curious to see what happens there.

Anyway, I will try to post about how I made the tea and come up with a list of all its health-benefits soon.



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2 responses to “Kombucha!

  1. i wish i lived by you so i could get a scoby!!

    • Suzan

      I know!!! I hope you try making your own sometime – I’d love to read what you think about the whole experience 🙂

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