We’re going to see an outdoor showing of E.T. tonight with some friends, and I fully plan on falling asleep in my lawn chair wrapped in a blanket due to exhaustion from a crazy week.

But before that, we played some Scrabble at home. I had some wine and some German chocolate – Joghurette. This was my absolute favorite chocolate as a child. I recently met up with one of my best friends from Germany in New York, and she brought me four packs!

It’s really much too sweet for me now, so Dave has been eating most of it. But I had to have some tonight for nostalgia’s sake.



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4 responses to “C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E

  1. Lenora

    Did you that chocolate can do all this? •Lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.
    •Reduce the risk of diabetes by reducing blood sugar and insulin.
    •Activate enzymes that eliminate cancer−causing carcinogens and mutagens.
    •Reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes by inhibiting the clumping of blood platelets.
    •Keep cholesterol levels stable or even slightly improve them.
    •Enhance cognitive function by increasing blood flow in the brain.

  2. Wow I’d love to go to an outdoor screening? is it like in the movies where you get to sit in the car?
    But wine and chocolate never mix well, however both are spectacular!

    • Suzan

      This one wasn’t like the ones where you sit in your car. You actually brought lawn chairs or blankets and parked outside of the “movie area.” But they actually were selling old-fashioned candy and popcorn, so it had a nice old-school feel to it. The awesome part about the location we went to here in State College is that it is on Tussey Mountain, so it overlooks the mountains of Central PA, and the view is absolutely gorgeous!

      Wine and chocolate mix well for me, as long as it’s dark chocolate. This kind is super sweet and has a yogurt filling, so it really didn’t work at all, haha.

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