Work Week Prep

I’m about to start my third week at my new job at Penn State. I love working there A LOT so far – the people are fantastic, my projects thrilling, and the resources to build marketing campaigns are ridiculously awesome.

I also love having two extra hours in my day now that I don’t have to drive an hour each way to work. This is especially great when dinner is already prepared and I can spend my night reading at the pool, as I have done many times in the recent heat.

Today, I decided to take work food prep to another level. Instead of prepping one or two days ahead, I made four different things at once. This should get us to Thursday, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


I formed four groups of ingredients for my four recipes, which I could reference on my computer while watching my favorite trashy German soap. Four hours of bliss ensued!

Now, we have eight stuffed vegan peppers, a bin of delicious basil and veggie quinoa salad, some vegan mushroom meatloaf, and gluten-free banana bread. I also made a spinach salad with goat cheese from left-overs for lunch tomorrow, and I’m working on my first home-made batch of Kombucha! More on that to follow.


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