Elk Creek Cafe

It’s astonishing that we’ve lived in State College for a year now and have only made it to this amazing restaurant twice. It’s about 34 minutes from our place, so I guess it takes a special occasion to go there. The first time, we went for a friend’s birthday, and the second time to take Dave’s parents there while they were in town.

It was a big hit, not only because of the food and ambiance, but also because it’s located in Millheim, PA, which is this tiny town that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a different time. I can’t even really describe it. Amish people and buggies roam the streets, there is little boutique stores, and the buildings almost have a Wild West feel to them.

Elk Creek Cafe is an eclectic place that calls itself a local brewery and music hall on its Facebook page.  They thrive off of their proximity to State College, which has many people interested in local food, home brews, and a hipster-type ambiance.

They have local meats and dairy products and many vegan options. They brew their own beer and make a big deal out of fresh and sustainable eating. I love it there. We will have to get out there more regularly. Millheim also has a Saturday farmers market, so the two can easily be combined.

We started with a hummus platter to share as an appetizer.


It was a delicious as it looks.

And then, I had the best cheeseburger and fries combo of my life.


The beer was really good too, served at a temperature every German living in the US would adore – read: not too cold.

We all left very happy and parted ways with Dave’s parents outside because they had to head back to Philadelphia to fly home.


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