Freelance Sunday

Dave and I drove out to Milton for a photo shoot and strategy meeting today for a freelance project we’re working on.

We spent 8 hours working with a team of 5. The shoot was at my co-workers apartment, which is located above the hoagie shop her husband’s family runs. This was good for us because we got to have a free lunch down there while it was technically closed.


The shop has a really cool retro ambiance, with wooden floors, orange walls, old-school candy machines, and even a functional iron automatic bottle capper.

Also, their thing is “hefty hoagies,” so we didn’t have to eat again after having one of these each for lunch!


Shooting lay-downs with a very full stomach was a little bit of a burden. A nap would have been nice too.


After we got back to State College at 7 p.m., we played sand volleyball with three friends at our apartment complex court. The rain took a nice break for us, but now it’s back to pouring. Central PA summers seem to bring rain daily, but I kind of like it that way. Anyways, the guys beat the girls 2:1, so revenge will be needed soon.


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