Road Trip, Day 5: Virginia

We slept in on Sunday morning after a late night of dancing in Wilmington. We left the hotel around 11:30 a.m. to drive 5 hours to Richmond. We had no specific reason to visit Richmond other than wanting to see as much of Virginia as we could in our limited time and it being on the way to Charlottesville, where we made reservations to tour Monticello for Monday morning.

Richmond was pretty empty on this Sunday afternoon, probably due to intense humidity and heat. We parked in the historic downtown by the James River and started our visit by walking along the canal.



Honestly, Richmond reminded us a lot of Milwaukee, at least the part of it that we saw. Maybe that’s because of the historic downtown + river combination, maybe due to it being deserted on a perfectly good weekend day, maybe because of the way the roads are laid out. In any regard, we didn’t feel like spending too much time exploring, and opted for a nice air-conditioned Japanese restaurant for dinner, discovering that most of the downtown restaurants were closed on Sundays or did not open until 5:30 p.m.




After all the Southern Cuisine, I’m sure my body was thrilled to receive some food that was not full of carbs. Well, white rice is still carbs, but surely better than cornbread, hushpuppies, and fries.

After dinner, we drove to the Oregon Heights neighborhood to check out Hollywood Cemetery, where about 1,800 Confederate soldiers are buried. We got there five minutes before it closed, which was a bummer, but the guard allowed us to drive through it briefly to take some pics.



It looked really interesting and I hope we can come back for a longer visit sometime. 

We got into Charlottesville around 8 p.m. and decided to go check out the outdoor pedestrian mall we had heard some good things about. 

First order of business once we got there: get ice cream.



Once that was accomplished (I got pistachio and heath bar), we walked around. It was drizzling a bit, but the temperature was pleasant. There were tons of little shops, businesses, and restaurants. We were surprised that such a small university town has such a cool downtown area – good for UVA students, State College cannot compare. 

After walking up and down the mall several times, we went back to the hotel to get some sleep before touring Monticello in the morning.


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