Road Trip Day 2, Part 2: Arrival in Wilmington

After a 3.5-hour drive in the rain, which has been announcing tropical storm Andrea for two days now, we arrived in the “Port City” in the later afternoon. We checked into our Hampton by Wrightsville Beach, freshened up, and drove over to Dockside, where we were meeting our friends.

The conference they are attending, and in which I am presenting with them, had its welcome event here. Dockside is a Wilmington water-front restaurant and apparently a true staple of the city. To my delight, it is situated just a little ways down from where Dawson’s Creek was filmed. I am pretty sure the marina here is where Dawson crashes his dad’s boat in season three, and the dock in the background is the dock of Dawson’s house. This is all very exciting since Dawson’s Creek was my absolute favorite show in high school and college and also taught me most of my colloquial English.


It was absolutely beautiful and the air smelled rich like saltwater and vacation.

First, we had some of the free dinner and drinks at the event while catching up with our friends.


Some pita slices, crab dip, shrimp, and veggies. I also had a Merlot and a cocktail.

Then we headed outside for some reunion photots.


Grad school love.




Also grad school love.

The evening went by way too fast, like good times always do.

We headed back to the hotel early enough to get a solid night’s sleep before Friday’s morning presentation and more Southern adventures.


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