Road Trip Day 2, Part 1: Exploring Charleston

We got up at around 7 a.m. this morning after sleeping super well due to travel exhaustion. We had a quick breakfast at the Hampton, and then headed out to walk from the center of the Charleston penninsula down to the waterfront.

We chose King Street as our route and were not disappointed. First of all, it’s lined with palm trees and amazing Southern buildings. The buildings often were lavish, some with red brick walls and elaborate court yards, others with French colonial accents. Second, in those buildings were so many cute stores and boutiques, ranging from organic bakeries to handmade jewelry shops to J.Crew, Starbucks, etc.

Although it was only 80 degrees, it was extremely humid, so we got the true South East experience weather-wise.

Here are some pics from our walk


Me on King Street.


Dave by a cannon on the water front.


Me enjoying the salty breeze and the view of the port of Charleston, incluing Fort Sumter!

Next, we went to the Old Slave Mart museum in the French Quarter. It was crazy to imagine all the lives that changed forever, completely at the mercy of traders and buyers, in that building. I learned a lot, and it put the historic beauty and romance of the city into perspective.

When we got done at the museum, we were already hungry for lunch. I had spotted a place named Black Bean Co. on our walk earlier that looked like it may have some great vegan options.

And I was right!


I went for the Mega Veggie wrap with a side of couscous.


I had never seen red wraps like this before, maybe it was a beet wrap? Anyway, it was very good. Besides fresh veggies like broccoli and peppers, it contained candied, sliced almonds, apples, and shredded carrots. No sauce needed because of the mix of sweet crisp and juiciness. The couscous was good too.

We headed back to the hotel to freshen up and check out. Then we drove about 15 minutes to the Old Towne Landing, where South Carolina was first settled by the English. It’s mostly and outdoor museum, so we got pretty wet in yet another down pour. But actually, it was kind of nice considering the humidity!

The walk around took us about 90 minutes, and we had audio guides to help us understand the history of each site.


The tree trunk fence settlers built as a defense against the Spanish.


Dave exploring the rugged bunk house.


Small trading ship settlers used to navigate the rivers.


Antebellum-style plantation house. The people who built this also planted an amazing garden full of oaks and other beautiful trees. They later sold it to a preservation society.


Me in front of a 700-year old oak tree – the last stop on the audio tour. The whole fortified area/museum was lush and green and smelled absolutely amazing of a mix of salt water and blossoming plants.

Now we’re driving up to Wilmington, excited to see our friends. However, I think Charleston just won a dear spot in our hearts, and we’ll be back in the future to see more of it. What else does it take to create a perfect vacation spot besides history, impressive architecture, amazing food, and the ocean?


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