How I’ve Been Spending My Week


Pretty much like this.

After we got back from our trip to Indiana, which was really great, I came down with the stomach flu on Tuesday. Between making some obligatory work commitments, I’ve spent my time on the couch, eating salty pretzels, drinking ginger ale, and watching Dawson’s Creek and the Office.

Because of my significantly limited ability to eat any type of foods that are not salty pretzels, I have no recipes or great food stories to report on.

But here are some pics from the weekend, from before illness struck.


Brunch at The Mark in South Bend, IN right after we got in on Saturday. I was really impressed with their menu. I chose an egg-white frittata with olives, feta, and sun-dried tomatoes.


Seafood dinner at Bonefish Grill in South Bend on Saturday night. I had a “Menage a Trois” with a salmon special and a cold quinoa salad.

My brother-in-law had to sit this one out due to the stomach flu – he had it about three days ahead of me.


Sunday post-commencement picnic on the Notre Dame campus. We were parched and starving after no time for breakfast and three hours in the hot sun. The ceremony was held in the Notre Dame stadium and I didn’t even think to bring water with me. Major fail.The picnic box contained a vegetarian wrap, chips, cookies, and apple, and a small water bottle.


Before we hit the road to drive back to Pennsylvania, we stopped at the new South Bend Whole Foods to pick up some road snacks. I had sushi, trail mix, vegetable chips, and, of course, kombucha.


I got one bottle for the car ride and another one for our two-day Woolrich sales meeting in State College, which happened Monday and Tuesday.

I didn’t have a meal between Tuesday breakfast and Thursday lunch, and when I did, it didn’t go well for me. So I’m back to pretzels and ginger ale, and more unreasonable amounts of Netflix. Memorial Day Weekend may have to turn more into a disaster relief effort around the apartment than we would like it to be.


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