Road Trip Fare

This weekend, Dave and I are traveling to Indiana for his brother’s graduation from Notre Dame. It’s about a 7.5 hour drive, which we split up over two days for the way there.

I think this trip is the best we’ve ever done when it comes to packing food for the road.


We brought a cooler full with veggie-snacks. Above is part of our dinner – spinach salad with candied almond slices, dried cranberries, and home-made Italian dressing. We had this when we got to the hotel in Ohio.


Also part of dinner: home-made hummus with carrots and celery.


On the road, we snacked on apples and celery with almond butter. I brought some dried currants to make “Ants on a Log” as well.

Oh, and here is my breakfast at the Hampton Inn this morning:


I managed to keep it dairy-free with hard-boilded eggs, fruit, coffee, and oatmeal with brown sugar, dried fruit, and walnuts.

Now we’re back in the car driving through Ohio flatness. We’ve gotten so used to the beautiful hills in PA, so we’re glad our days in the Midwest are behind us (at least for now).


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