Banana Oat Flour Pancakes

I will make away bigger deal out of this than is appropriate, but WOOOHOOOO, I made up my first very own pancake recipe.


Maybe the following anecdote will put this into perspective. Don’t let me fool you with this having a food blog thing. When I moved into my first own apartment for college in Germany, I asked my roommate what setting on the stove I needed to use to make my potatoes boil. Yep. I had no clue how to a) cook and b) use kitchen appliances. My mom was just that …. engaged around the house. I never had to learn it.

So I’ve come a long way, okay?

I’m not a natural at cooking. I did learn quite a bit while working as a pseudo-cook at a restaurant in Muenster for a year. But then I unlearned most of that because I moved to the U.S. and ate at my college cafeteria for the rest of my undergrad career.

My new love for cooking has only emerged over the last year, ever since I started experimenting with vegan and vegetarian food.

So please, bear with my enthusiasm 🙂


Three bananas, three eggs, half a cup of oat flour, half a cup of almond milk.


Served with the proven duo of almond butter and maple syrup (lotssss of maple syrup).

I was thrilled because they looked like perfectly normal pancakes and Dave said he preferred them over “normal”pancakes. High praise, my friends, high praise.

We ate them during our 5 a.m. German lesson on this fine Tuesday morning. Things could certainly be worse.


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