Thinking of Boston

I exceeded my lunch break today by about 20 minutes because I went on a 4-mile run. Since I heard the news about the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday, I knew running was the thing I needed to do to feel a little less helpless.

I had been following the marathon all morning on Twitter and then went for a short run over lunch. My shins were still sore from Saturday, but I was so excited to have more flexibility in my workout schedule and to start working on my speed.

When I heard the news around 3:30 p.m., I was infuriated. I saw the pictures, looked at video footage, and watched the death and injuries toll rise.

But somehow, in my fury, helplessness, and lack of understanding, I felt a sense of comfort knowing that the running community has a simple and empowering tool that will keep uniting them and help them overcome.

I wanted to run more fiercely and improve my running more passionately than ever.


So I ran the 4 mile loop around Woolrich, ignoring the soreness and pain in my shins and thinking about the people who have lost their lives or legs and no longer can.


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