Early Morning Lunch Prep

I woke up at 5 this morning to cook our lunches because I didn’t have time the last couple of nights and we were running out of options (no jelly for PB&Js, no bread in the house, no leftovers).

What did I make? This. Veggie, kale, and rice casserole with Tofurky sausages (the sausages were a substitute for chorizzo). I love this recipe because it has a lot of filling ingredients (eggs, tofu, rice) and is easy to make. And we all know I have to have at least one Hungry Hungry Hippie dish on the menu every week 🙂

It was kind of fun cooking in the morning. I got caught up with my German soap and was much more efficient because my time was limited.


I just mixed all the ingredients up in a bowl, poured them into a casserole dish, and let it bake for 35 minutes while I showered.


Perfect lunch, and now we have leftovers again. Who doesn’t love leftovers?


I’m getting really excited – less than 48 hours until my half marathon. Here is the link to the race, by the way. The route will be really nice the first 6 miles and then get super challenging and hilly. I hope I’m ready! I’ve been stretching and icing my shins. Tomorrow, I’m supposed to run two miles, which I’ll do after lunch, and then we’re heading down to Lancaster County right after I get back from work.


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