Vegan Steak Dinner

Dave made dinner tonight while I went for a six-mile run in glorious 78 degree weather. I decided I needed one more before the half marathon on Saturday. I went slow and enjoyed being in shorts and just a shirt for the first time.

When I got back, Dave had the stuffed portobello mushrooms all done. He decided he wants to make one or two of our dinners a week because he loves cooking and I’ve kind of completely overtaken that 🙂

He made an amazing meal, so i think I’ll let him have the job!


The mushrooms were stuffed with a mix of cooked rice, veggie broth, lentils, toasted cashews, fresh thyme, dried basil, and olive oil.


Doesn’t it look like steak? I hope all the protein will help my muscles and joints recover, so they are all fresh on Saturday.

After two of these and a glass of wine (an some icing and stretching), I passed out on the floor watching Teen Mom. Classy as ever.


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