Sunny Valley

Saturday started with two lazy hours of scrapbooking in our pajamas. We just got our wedding picture prints a week ago, so now it was time to sort through all of them and choose the best ones for the album. I used this time to digest breakfast before my run and consume more unreasonable amounts of Teen Mom on Netflix.

Then, I headed out for an 8-mile run. Last one before the half marathon next week. The weather was glorious, like last week.


This was my favorite spot – maybe half a mile left, all downhill, and an amazing view of Happy Valley and the Central PA mountains.

When I got back, I sat outside our door for 50 minutes, stretching and talking to a friend on the phone, because I forgot my key and Dave was at the grocery store.

When he got back, I was starving, so I made sweet potato pancakes.


Just really mushy sweet potatoes and 3 eggs.


Fried in coconut oil.


Topped with Earth Balance and maple syrup.

Definitely hit the spot.

Soon after, my friend/coworker and her husband drove in from Lewisburg and we showed them around State College before heading to a dinner meeting for the Knuetes freelancing project we’re working on together.


Stopping on at Saint’s Cafe downtown.


Beers and appetizers at Duffy’s Tavern in Boalsburg. First time sitting outside!


I got the crab-stuffed buttoned mushrooms and they were freaking amazing.


Enjoying the semi-warm and sunny day.


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