Avocado Obsession


I want to eat avocados with every meal possible! It’s a true obsession, and this is only the beginning.


This was actually Dave’s lunch yesterday. I prefer to schmier the avocado on the bread as if it’s cream cheese and put an egg sunny side up on top.


My dinner tonight: brown rice with avocado, a fried egg, and nutritional yeast.

More to come. I am 100% committed to this obsession.

Dave and I went to Gigi’s tonight to have some drinks, and an appetizer (technically for desert), and play a game of backgammon.


Beer as pre-run fuel.


Spinach-crab dip with artichokes.

Dave beat me 5:1. Reminds me of long vacation days in Turkey, when I could accomplish a victory once a week if I was lucky.


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