An Extra Helping of Time, Please.

I’m in major time-is-flying-by awareness mode. Like, to the point where I feel like people who drag out words and take long pauses in meetings are draining the productivity out of my day.

Not to sound too ridiculous, but we literally had a two-hour meeting this morning that added zero value to anyone’s life. And beyond that, I feel weeknights (and weekends, for that matter) never allow me to do everything I want to do. Like, consume half a day’s worth of “Teen Mom 2,” run, cook, sleep A LOT, and then work on top of all those clearly honorable pursuits.

Who am I to whine, though? This is 21st century America after all. We’re all in the same boat.

Good thing my last two days have been filled with amazing eats, and I’m about to show them to you.


Sunday night dinner and Monday lunch: Vegan curried tempeh and mango salad in pita halves. Here is the recipe I used.

So nutritious, so tasty! A win all around.


This week’s breakfast: quinoa granola, as invented by Elise from Hungry Hungry Hippie. 

I added banana chips and dark chocolate to the mix. I agree with Elise, there is nothing better than the smell of melted coconut oil. Or maybe, coconut oil in general. I use it as face lotion before bed, as a hair care product, as an addition to my morning smoothie, eat it raw as a snack, and basically never go without it for a day.


And another HHH recipe, this time a repeat. Daiya pizza. I actually made the beer-dough the day before this time, and it made a huge difference in the thickness of the pizza.

So insanely good. We had it for dinner last night and again as a packed lunch today. I added oregano and hot sauce to the lunch slices. The bomb.

Weeknight cooking marathons are my fave right now. I love making two or three dishes at once to free up time for running and Dave.

Also, while I cook, I now often indulge in my newest trashy TV obsession: Felicity. Everyone who knows me won’t have a hard time understanding why: 90’s shows are my calling, especially if they are full of pseudo-meaningful one-liners about the purpose of life and feature Dawson’s Creek actors.

In fact, I may give morning runs another try soon to make more room for the 90s in my life.



April 2, 2013 · 3:32 pm

2 responses to “An Extra Helping of Time, Please.

  1. elise

    we could be twins with your excellent foodie and tv taste 🙂

    • Suzan

      Haha, yes! Aren’t we sophisticated? I figure the great food and bad TV choices at least balance each other out 😉

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