Sunny Maze

After having to complete my last 10+ mile run on the treadmill (shudder), I was beyond excited to see the weather forecast for Saturday: 55 and sunny. Oh State College, why do days like that have to be so desperately rare right now?

I mapped a 12-mile run via – my last long-run before the half-marathon in 2 weeks. From now on, I start tapering down, never doing more than 8 miles. Around 1 pm, I headed out.

It was so nice out – the time just flew by. I also felt really strong because I took a running-break this week due to my crazy schedule. I took a route I’d never taken before, along a long stretch of country road.

Because it was so nice out, I decided to take pictures, which turned out better than I expected, considering I took them on my phone while running.


Loving the blue sky with the back-drop of Mount Nittany.

I was so enamored with the view, the weather, and my playlist that I didn’t notice that I took the wrong turn on this road. I took a left when I was really supposed to keep going straight.


Windy country-road leading me back into town. I had no reason to believe I wasn’t following my mapped-out route.


Lovely little creek.


Back in town, ready to take a left back towards our neighborhood. At this point, it dawned on me that I was ahead of schedule. I expected the run to last around 2 hours and 15 minutes, but was only and hour and 11 in with approximately 3 miles left.

When I got back to our neighborhood, I was sure that I took a premature turn somewhere, and added an extra loop to prolong the run. When I got back, my knees and calves were grateful to be done, although my mind and lungs felt like I could have gone on longer to enjoy more of the glorious sun.

A look at the map quickly revealed that I did in fact cut my run substantially short because of the missed turn, I ended up doing 10 miles instead of 12. I was bummed, but what can I do? I think I’ll be able to do 13.1 in two weeks anyway, so no need to beat myself up over it. I stretched and showered, and then Dave and I went on to enjoy the nice day.


We started with an early salmon and asparagus dinner on the balcony. First meal outside this year!


For desert, we had some of the Easter chocolate Dave’s mom sent in her Easter package. It also contained about 400 wedding picture prints, so we can spend this rainy Easter Sunday afternoon scrapbooking.


I also must give a shout-out to my new shearling suede slippers from Sundance, which I got from their heavily discounted employee sale through a co-worker. I am obsessed with them and want to wear them 24/7. They were perfect for an early spring dinner in the shade.

Later in the night, we met some people from Dave’s program for trivia night. I had two wheat beers to help with my light-headedness after the run.


Our team won first place, and it’s pretty safe to say that I had absolutely nothing to do with that.


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