Good Friday Fun

My mom called me on Friday during work and was shocked to learn that we didn’t have the day off. For the millionth time, I told her that the U.S. is a secular country and doesn’t have the same holiday schedule as Germany, which technically is not secular. Of course I can see how she’d be confused because we do get Christmas off here, but oh well.

Friday night, all I wanted to do is order in and spend the night on the couch watching mindless TV. I was so tired. But I knew if I did that, I would pass out around 7 pm and wake up around 11 having completely screwed up my sleeping schedule.

So instead, Dave and I went out to our favorite Indian restaurant with my favorite German people in State College. It was really fun and I’m so glad I didn’t go with the vegging out on the couch idea.


Annabelle and Timo checking out the menu.


Juliane and me excited that it’s the weekend.


Dave and me ready to order our feast.


For all of you in states with reasonable liquor laws, this is what it looks like when you go to a BYOB restaurant in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Many places don’t serve alcohol, but allow you to bring your own drinks. This leads to absurd combinations like Indian food and German Weissbier! It can actually be nice to bring your own, especially because it saves money, but it gets really annoying when I forgot to stop somewhere to pick up wine or beer or just didn’t have time to. Good thing we had this beer sitting in the fridge already on Friday.


The papadam appetizer.


Dave and I went with the vegetarian dinner for two. The appetizer consisted of four crispy potato balls.


The meal included three entrees with rice: Shahi Paneer Korma, Malai Kofta, and Daal Tadka.


They were all good, but the Shahi Paneer Korma was my absolute favorite. So creamy and the perfect blend of spices. Yum. I get hungry now just thinking about it.


Kheer for desert. Perfection.

When we were done eating, we stayed for quite a while longer in good German fashion and got in a heated debate about the European Union. It felt good to be around Germans who express themselves bluntly in casual settings without taking offense when someone disagrees with them – something I’ve had to learn to keep in check in most American settings. Dave had a good time listening to us debate. He studies deliberation and often has to artificially create debates, while ours just happened all by itself.

So we had ourselves a nice little Friday night with great food and friends. So glad I skipped the couch slouch and went out instead!


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