First Run of Spring

If the irony of that statement isn’t obvious, I should point out that my 6 mile run after work tonight was the coldest run I’ve done all winter. It was 27 degrees and windy, but I just couldn’t go on the treadmill again.

The exciting part about all this is that it gave me a chance to test some of my Knütes equipment. Yes, yes, I know – what in the world is Knütes? A German/American couple Dave and I recently met design and market outdoor fleece clothing for kids and adults here in State College. All of their apparel is made in the USA from recycled plastic bottles. They asked me to help them with their SEO, branding, and social media, and I’m super excited to work with them.

Anyway, I didn’t think it would still be cold enough out to try out some of the fleece running gear. But clearly, I was wrong. Tonight, I tested the doublegloves and the neckgaiter. Both exceeded my expectations and are the only reason I wasn’t absolutely miserable during my run.

I didn’t really take good pictures at all, but for what it’s worth, here is what I have. I’ll have to do a legit post on how the products work some other time.

The neckgaiter can be used as a running scarf/face warmer, hat (pony tail can go through in the back), and pouch to hang equipment in.


Crappy front-of-iPhone-selfie before I headed out the door.


The gloves have a zipper on the side, which makes them super versatile. I wore them fully zipped for the first mile or so. They’re still breathable and have a built-in vent, so they don’t suffocate your hands with heat at all. For the second mile, I unzipped the vent, and eventually, I pulled the gloves back completely and used them as wrist-warmers only. They also have a zipper on the wrist, so they can be used to store keys. I am in love… and very glad I’ll help market products I actually 100% believe in. Stay tuned, maybe we’ll do a give-away of some sort on the blog sometime in the fall when the weather gets colder again 🙂


Also, I had some GU before my run. Do you train with GU? How do you feel about using it for fuel? I have no opinion at the moment, but think I could start being against it once I look into it some more.


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