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I went for a six-mile run after work. After last weekend’s tease of 60-degree weather, temps have dropped back down into the 30s. Combine that with a nasty wind and you got yourself less than ideal weather to be outside, much less to run in.

My approach: switch into running clothes asap after getting home to not even let myself think about skipping the run or making some pathetic attempts to do it on the treadmill. When I got outside and going, the wind was definitely a concern, but it was crisp and sunny, which helped.

Also, is it just me or does intense wind during runs cause nose running? I’ve noticed this the past couple of times, so yesterday, I carried a tissue with me. It was a little silly to be blowing my nose every mile or so, but it helped me breathe.

At the end of the run, as I was getting ready to enjoy the last .7 miles or so downhill, I was rewarded by a spectacular view over the Allegheny mountains right after the sun dropped behind them. There was an orange lining and the sky was completely blue.

Since it was Thursday, it was also girl’s night, which I had lamely flaked out on in order to do my run. But when I got home, I thought to myself: why not go unshowered and in sweats? After all, this is America and a college town. Also, my alternative would have been folding laundry until Dave got home from class.

So, in a less than wise moment of decision-making, I skipped stretching and headed to Champs, where the other four ladies had already finished their dinner.

I ordered a beer and the perogie appetizer and they stuck around, happy to catch me up on the conversation.


There is no better feeling that eating something as blatantly awful as this, knowing I just earned it (at least that’s what I like to believe). Plus, they do say beer is the best replenisher.

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