Night-Runs Have a View Again


I finally got to enjoy the rolling hills of Central PA again during a night run! I tried to document my view, but the picture is shaky for obvious reasons. Hey, I tried.

I did 6 miles right after work. I’m definitely getting faster, which is super exciting. I think I finished in slightly under one hour, although I’m still not really timing myself.

My favorite part of the run was around 4.5 miles, when my knees started looking up, I was running uphill against the wind, and my nose running was out of control (yuck). There was this Asian man pushing his bike up the hill, and when I passed him, he turned around and gave me a huge smile with a thumbs up. It was so sweet!

When the hill evened out, he got back on his bike and passed me, but then he got off again at the next hill. The road I was on was pretty uneven, which resulted in me passing him three times and exchanging a wave for his thumbs up. Definitely took my mind off the struggle.

My knees loosened up around mile 5 and I enjoyed the last mile more than the fourth mile because the wind was gone and I was going downhill for a wile. I finished with a sprint and it was still light out when I got back at 7:30 pm. Good running times lay ahead as it stays light out later and later.

Also, after dinner and stretching and some Teen Mom 2, I made chocolate covered strawberries to bring to work tomorrow.



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