Night-Before-Run Pasta Dinner

It’s Friday and it’s March! I’m so excited to gain more daylight back next weekend and for warmer temperatures.

For now, I’ll have to do with the mid-30s and my high school volleyball training jacket will have to be my constant running companion. It’s perfect for temps from 30 to 55.

We’re going out for drinks tonight, but I wanted to have dinner at home first to make sure I get what I need before my 10-mile run tomorrow. Pasta was my intuitive go-to.

First, I cocked two separate pasta versions: gluten-free penne rigate for Dave and regular spaghetti for me.


I cooked them in water with some olive oil and salt for 12 minutes. Not that anyone woud be wondering how to make pasta, but just in case  😉

I also made a shrimp, tomato, and kale stir fry.


Frozen cooked shrimp from Trader Joe’s in olive oil.


I also added half of an Italian pepper and some fresh parsley that I had sitting around and then seasoned the whole mix with salt and pepper.


Carb-loading time!


I had been watching my German soap while cooking and Dave was watching Battlestar Galactica or some non-sense (we are very judgmental of each other’s television preferences), so we decided to be dysfunctional and eat with our respective shows.

I’ve been watching that soap since 1994 and just can’t seem to cut the cord. Episodes are 20 minutes long, so it’s perfect when eating lunch or doing the dishes or doing any other kind of housework. What are your favorite shows to eat to?


Desert was dark chocolate and peanut butter goodness.


Such perfection.

Now we’re headed out for drinks, which will mean beer for me to stick to the carb-loading theme.

I’m nervous about trying 10 miles tomorrow. It’s supposed to snow and I hope my mind can get in the running zone. I may as well try to prep food-wise by sticking to what I know works: pasta and beer.



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4 responses to “Night-Before-Run Pasta Dinner

  1. All that food looks great! Not sure which is better, the shrimp or the chocolate! Don’t sweat the ten tomorrow. Think of how proud you will be once it is done! Just picture it be doing already and tomorrow you are just confirming it and doing it again.
    Please stop by tomorrow and let us know how it went. We all talk about running successes and lessons over there.

  2. Cheers to beer and excercise!

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