Morning Power Smoothie

I have a new morning smoothie routine. Before I make breakfast, I pour some frozen berries in the blender, so they can take some time to thaw. About an hour later, when I’m ready to leave, I pour in a cup of almond milk, one scoop of Amazing Grass chocolate powder, half a cup of oats, and a tablespoon of pure, raw, wild honey. Sometimes, I also add some coffee.

I take the smoothie out the door with me and drink it in the car.


Crappy photo, I know. I took it when I got into the car. Although I do find delight in the yellow and pink combo.

My commute lasts a little under an hour, which sounds awful, and sometimes it’s really not ideal. But it’s really beautiful, taking me through the rolling hills of Central PA. When the sun is out, the view from I-99 over State College, also called “Happy Valley,” is absolutely breathtaking. And then later, crossing the West branch of the Susquehanna River right before entering Woolrich, the view is equally pretty, especially if there is some fog sitting on the feet of the Allegheny Mountains.

Anyway, this smoothie makes my commute a little more fun. Sometimes, I carpool, but not really much recently. I like to listen to NRP or to my Spotify Playlists. During my drive home, I always talk to people on the phone. Friends now know to call at 5 p.m., so it’s like a built-in phone hour. Maybe my new challenge will be to listen to my Turkish vocab CDs on my commute.


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  1. Mmm I’ve fallen out of the smoothie for breakfast phase but after seeing this I might start up again. Thanks for the inspiration fellow blogger. 🙂

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