Lemon Dijon Salmon and Asparagus

Major rain/snow/slush fest today. I worked from home until lunch because the roads were so bad. An hour-long commute in slippery conditions is definitely not my idea of a good time.

Lunch yoga was cancelled and moved to tomorrow, so I did a yoga video this morning and planned to run tonight indoors. We have a gym at our apartment complex, so I begrudgingly resolved to use the treadmill there. But, upon my arrival, someone was already using it. Last resort: the elliptical.

I actually love working out on the elliptical, but it often feels like a half-ass workout. Not today. I put in 30 minutes of high-intensity intervals, rocking out to my new training playlist, which happens to contain some Turkish pop (perfect for 90s-style workout lip-synching).

So I guess this means I’m not really running at all this week, but cross training instead. Oh well, my knees and shins will thank me, and I have a 10-mile run coming up on Saturday, which will surely put an end to my freshly non-sore legs.

After my workout, it was time for a seafood dinner.

Lemon Dijon Salmon from Trader Joe’s with a side of asparagus.


The fish baked in the oven for 18 minutes. I really love the lemon dijon marinade, and it was cooked just about right. Dave deserves credit here – he made dinner while I was at the gym.

Desert was another Trader Joe’s favorite, if not THE favorite.


Dark chocolate covered ginger… As good as it sounds. The best part is that it takes only about five of these tiny geniuses to make me feel completely satisfied – no binging danger at all.


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