Asian (In)Fusion

So, this weekend turned into a little bit of an eating-out marathon. When we moved to State College last July, I was worried that we wouldn’t have as many ethnic food options as we did in Milwaukee. But strangely enough, it feels like we have more, and they’re all so affordable. So weekends often turn into feasts of Indian, Japanese, Thai, or Greek cuisine. We also have lots of New England type taverns here, but this weekend was strictly devoted to Asian deliciousness.

My day started with a small miracle: I actually got up when my alarm clock rang at 7. I had to finish my run from yesterday, and I guess I was just eager to get it done. The thing that actually got me up though was my plan to do this 15-minute yoga video before I left. I have done it three times now and absolutely love it. After I was done, I had a package of Gu (I didn’t want to spoil the run with more digestive problems), and I packed another one to have 45 minutes in.

The run was hard because I was still tired from yesterday and it was super windy. I ended up doing 6.71 miles, which brought my mileage for the weekend up to 9.71. I guess I’m happy with that, considering I was only going to do 8 had I not had to split it up.

When I got home, Dave made me breakfast while I iced my knees and stretched.


He is just so much more talented at making eggs look pretty than I am. Oatmeal with a fried egg, nutritional yeast, and avocado. I also had almond milk with Amazing Grass powder and lots of water.

Then we went to the UUFCC and straight to lunch afterwards. There is this amazing Indian restaurant in State College – seriously the best Indian food I’ve ever had, and they have a lunch buffet every day that I will never be able to get enough of. I figured going after a long run was ideal because I wouldn’t get full as fast as usual.

I stuck to vegetarian options. It’s becoming easier and easier for me to just leave meat out completely, to the point where I’m almost ready to declare myself a pescetarian, which makes me happy because it shows my plan to ease myself into eventual veganism of some sort is working.


Spinach Saag, vegetarian yogurt balls, and a curry veggie mix.


A piece of naan topped with the spinach saag. I want to take a bath in this stuff! I used to get it with lamb, but actually think it’s just as good without meat.


I indulged a bit for desert, and definitely didn’t say no to the dairy. Chai tea, sweet rice pudding, and a milk ball in sugar syrup. When else if not after a run, right?

Then I took a pretty long afternoon nap during a 4-episode Gilmore Girls DVD while Dave worked on school stuff. When I woke up, it was time for weekend chores, laundry, grocery list making and a trip to Trader Joe’s. No time for making dinner, so we decided to splurge and order from our favorite Thai restaurant, My Thai.

I am beyond obsessed with their red curry. I have eaten there at least 15 times and have never ordered anything else. But tonight, I finally made the switch from chicken to the shrimp version.


This dish is so amazingly good. The bamboo and spinach in the creamy coconut milk curry never get old. Brown rice on the side. Only downside to getting the shrimp version is that they leave the tails on, so I had to eat the shrimp by themselves after biting the tail off.

Can’t wait to have this again for lunch at work tomorrow. Although… our new boss has his first day tomorrow, so we may go out to lunch, in which case, this will just have to be my afternoon snack 😀


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February 24, 2013 · 10:20 pm

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