Healthy-ish Dinner Out

It’s difficult to make healthy choices when looking at a menu full of tempting options, ranging from pizza to burgers. My favorite way not to fall victim to those temptations is going to a Japanese restaurant. Pretty much everything on the menu is healthy.

So that’s what we did tonight. Of course, we still found ways to sneak in semi-unhealthy choices, but it’s the night before my long run, so carbs are helpful.


House Salad.


Otto’s Apricot Wheat, a local State College brew. I had two, and they so hit the spot.


Scallion pancakes. So amazingly tasty.


Seafood soup. It had tons of crab in it and had just the right thickness and flavor. I’m a fan.


And finally, the sushi combo: tuna, California, and scallion rolls. As you can imagine, I was quite full at this point, so I took about half of this deliciousness home.

After dinner with Dave (which was at Fuji & Jade Garden in State College), I got together with my friend for a late-night drink. We went to Gigi’s, a random upscale restaurant and bar in my neighborhood. She had a mojito and I had a candy apple martini.


It was one of those drinks that tastes really, really good at first and then quickly overwhelms you with its sweetness. Meh.

Overall, a pretty successful Friday night. My tummy is satisfied and my taste-buds pleased. No regretful post-binging bloatedness.


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