When the Finish Line Is Covered in Snow

Today was evidence that my breakthrough run on Saturday really helped me shift gears in my training.

My initial plan was to run during lunch, but Pennsylvania sabotaged that plan.

It was snowing like crazy!


This Woolrich hat we had sitting around served me well for a dramatic rendition of how I felt about that.

I stayed inside and delayed the run until tonight. The treadmill and I are currently not friends.

Under normal circumstances (read: before the breakthrough run), I would have reconsidered this plan when I got home because it was super windy and uncomfortable outside. But somehow, I didn’t even think twice about that. I changed into my running clothes and headed out the door.

It’s good that my mom doesn’t understand English because if there was any chance of her reading this, I would have to keep the road and sidewalk conditions I encountered to myself. If I wasn’t trying to make out ice clumps in the dark and the sidewalk actually looked clear, I was running on a solid sheet of ice. This resulted in me running on the actual road opposite to traffic, jumping back up on the sidewalk whenever a car approached me. You can probably figure that this would have gone poorly for me if I had, say, stumbled and fallen while trying to get out of the car’s way in the dark.

For my final sprint, I moved to the snow-covered grass, which may have gotten my feet wet, but seemed like the surface I’d be least likely to slip on.


Oh well. I had a 3-mile run to get done. And besides the deadly conditions, it felt awesome. I loved my playlist and felt strong, as in, my lungs and upper core were completely capable of keeping up with my fairly fast pace. My lower legs were still pretty sore though, so I ended up being grateful I didn’t have to go further than three miles.

When I got back, Dave had made dinner.


Perfection: Spinach Salad with chickpeas, crumbled soft goat cheese, cranberries, and an oil/vinegar dressing. Super quick to make, protein-packed, and a pretty ideal post-run meal. It definitely hit the spot for me. I also had a coconut water for re-hydration.

For desert, I had a mango.


I have to stretch more before I go to bed. Why do I often have to force myself to stretch? It feels really good after a run, but I am always so impatient to move on with my day – take a shower, eat, and get back to whatever non-exercise activity I want to do.

Do you ever run in less than ideal weather?



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2 responses to “When the Finish Line Is Covered in Snow

  1. ejw22

    Wow you ran in that, I can barely stand to walk from my car to my job in the cold. Great commitment!

    • Haha, I was pretty surprised myself! I hear you on having a hard time getting up with the alarm though, I delayed my get-up time by almost an hour today. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do Yoga every day before work? A girl can dream, I guess.

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