Halfway to the Half

I woke up this morning with a lot less anxiety about my run than I had last week.
Instead of pushing it off until tomorrow, I wanted to have breakfast, digest, and get it done.

I decided to prepare a simple scramble with veggies. Eggs are my favorite breakfast before a longer run. I cooked frozen veggies and fresh kale in coconut oil, added
some nutritional yeast, and scrambled in four egss.


Since we still had some leftover bread from Thursday, I added that to the plate
for some additional carbs. I also added some grapefruit and put butter and jam out for Dave.


I used mapmyrun.com to determine my 6-mile route, created a new playlist,
and hit the pavement. It was about 30 degrees and a little overcast, but I warmed
up fast. Overall, the run was easier than last week and I felt great and able to
keep up a good pace. I missed the turn-off street and ended up having to extend
my route, but I was feeling so good that it didn’t even bother me. I ended up running
7.14 miles and finished in a sprint. I was ecstatic when I returned home. Unexpectedly, I have now completed half the distance I have to run on April 13 and more.


Here is my post-run meal: Salad and wraps (still leftovers from yesterday, so the nuber of free meals I got out of that work meeting is now up to four), baby carrots, and a smoothie (berries, almond milk, and almond butter). I put on a Gilmore Girls DVD and passed out on the couch for over an hour before it was time to do our weekly grocery run.


Tonight, we went to our neighbors for dinner and a game night. They are a married
couple from Germany and made Swiss cheese fondue. I brought chocolate covered strawberries to stick with the fondue theme. There was a total of six of us, and we indulged in the food (dipping bread, grapes, and veggies into the cheese) until our stomachs refused any more. We also played Boggle and had exotic European liquors. Now it’s 1 a.m. I am more than ready to pass out.


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