Meeting Marathon

Yes, it was a long day of meetings, but I got something out of it: I was fed three times without having to cook or pay.

In the morning, one of my co-workers made herself into a Friday hero by grabbing Starbuck’s for all of us on her way in. She greeted me at 8 a.m. with the grande chai vanilla latte I requested yesterday plus some mini lemon scones (I practiced restraint and only had one).


Our meeting (which was between our department and an outside consultant and was a ton of fun) started at 10 a.m. and lasted until almost 2 p.m. I consumed two cups of Starbucks coffee after finishing my chai and was definitely buzzed, which resulted in me taking 13 pages of notes (obsessive much?).

Lunch was provided and absolutely delicious. I had some walnut, cheddar (oops), and strawberry salad, and a veggie wrap with feta, avocado, and spinach.

Between more meetings in the afternoon, I snacked on carrots and sesame honey cashews again.

Not that two free meals aren’t already a win, we also had tons of leftovers, which we split up amongst each other like the good co-workers that we are. I got to take home a third of the strawberry salad and three wraps. Since I only slept 5 hours last night, not having to make dinner was a very pleasant turn of events.


On top of the salad and the wraps, Dave and I still had leftovers from my potluck dinner last night, so we added olive bread and brie to our plates. Enter white wine, and my perfect dinner after a long day was complete.

Now that my stomach is happy, I am pretty glad that I have absolutely nothing else on the agenda for tonight. I’m going to watch a mindless movie, go to bed early, and rest up for my 6-mile run that’s on the schedule for tomorrow. Wild plans, I know.


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