Happy Snacking

Valentine’s Day came and went, and many snacks were consumed in the process! At work, I get hungry about every two hours. I know that’s frequent, but I don’t really care. My snacks are healthy and I am usually good at keeping them small.

Here are just a few of my work snack staples, with some chronicling of my day in between.


10 a.m. – Trader Joe’s Vanilla Cultured Coconut Milk. Super delicious and very easy on the stomach.


My lunch run. The picture is weird like this because I took it while running. I went three miles, and it was pretty great.


Post-run coconut water. I also had my leftover sushi from yesterday.


Me after my run in my cube. I never shower after lunch workouts, nor does anyone else I work out with. We dress really casually at work, so I just towel off and put on a long-sleeve or loose shirt and I’m set.


3 p.m. called for some organic baby carrots. So crunchy!


Aaaand to follow up the carrots, some sesame honey cashews. These are from Trader Joe’s and amazingly delicious. I always have to watch my portions because I’m pretty sure I could eat an entire bag in one sitting.

On Thursdays, I always have girls night with four girls from Dave’s program. We wanted to avoid the Valentine’s Day rush in restaurants, so we had it at my place this time. Dave had class until 9 p.m., so it worked out well.


Here are the five of us after dinner, which was feta and cranberry salad, breaded salmon, and couscous. There were also many other goodies to snack on to stick with the theme of the day (or most days at work, for that matter).

Happy V-Day! Dave came home with some sweet flowers, but I am too lazy to walk to the living room and take a picture of them. I’m already in bed. This was a great Valentine’s Day over all, almost as great as in 2009, when me and two friends at college watched 10 hours of Dawson’s Creek straight.



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